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    Emulating a cd drive (not so obvious)

    Hello there

    I am new here. I have searched for a similar topics and haven't find anything interesting. If there is something please don't be angry and generously give a link.

    The problem is I have to emulate a MDF/MDS disk on my Linux. This is format of Fantom CD. There are some other application that understand it too. The problem is that Wine doesn't allow an application to create a disk drive. An error occures:
    Set device maps failed!
    Error ID: 65535
    Message: Unknown system metric color [%d]
    If someone know
    1. How to emulate MDF/MDS CD-image under Linux -- or --
    2. How to let Wine apps create a disk -- or --
    3. How to contact Wine developers (no forum )
    please let me know.


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    im not quite sure what fantom cd is...but it sounds like one of those things that lets u copy a cd and pretend that its in a fake cd drive?

    well, you can do that in linux with no additional software, im sure if you google you will find help...basically you make an .iso file of the cd....and then you mount the iso as a loopback device...something like that anyway....whether that would work with wine i dunno...but all is possible...

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