I installed Wine 0.9.6 on Ubuntu 6.04. I configured Wine with pure winecfg and not Winetools involved. Setup OK (seems). Windows apps such as firefox runs with Wine. I am particularly interested in getting a couple Chinese financial software to run successfully and will make me fully unload Windows.

At the moment they run, but have a couple problems. It seems to me the problems only have to do with inter-proc comms. With one program for instance, the main process and the data receiving sub-process both run and I can tell that the data-receiving process does connect and receive data from the Internet, but the main process can not see the data received. There is not much error information in the xterm where I started wine. I know on Windows the program uses memory mapping and so I guess the inter-proc comms is achieved through memory mapping. My question is how does Wine support memory mapping, or how can I further detect or ensure about memory mapping? Can it be achieved by simply copying some dlls, and if so, how do I determine which dlls I would need?