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Thread: Wine and IE6

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    Unhappy Wine and IE6

    I've been trying to get IE6 in wine with Winetools and by other means, but nothing works, when directed to MS, "the site is not available", but doing that trough a MS-windows session it is.

    Some other ideas? I just need it for a program that uses IE to show things.

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    first, why on earth are you using internet explorer?

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    Hmm well you should be able to use FireFox to display whatever you wanted to look at, unless they prevented FireFox from being able to view it

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    Firstly guys, if he wants to run IE that's his business and there are plenty of reasons why someone might want to do that - Testing code, sites that rely on ActiveX, online banking....

    Anyway you should go and have a look at Frank's Corner. There are great docs there, and if you get winetools there is a script that will install IE for you along with core fonts and the necessary DCOM98 files. good luck with it, but if you install winetools you should have no problem.

    On a side not I have found that there are many downloads form Microsoft that seem to be restricted to linux users IE and MSN Messenger being two. It was discussed here before. I guess it is filtered through your User Agent string, for which you can get a firefox plugin to mask it to other systems.

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    IE on linux - easy way

    Hi all,

    I'm using IE on Fedora Core 3 (earlyer on FC 4 - HDD crached) with 100% compatibility.

    This script is just great:

    There is one realy good reason to use IE: I'm a webdesigner and more then 50% of internet users are using IE. IEs interpretation of HTML is specific and different then Firefox, or Mozilla.

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