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    trillian pro and winamp

    two of my absolute favorite windows applications, i managed to get both of them installed perfectly. and winamp runs fine with a few bugs, which ill mention but trillian tries to boot but it looks like it tries to minimize itself to the system tray and wont do anything else.
    now with winamp the problem that im having is that it stays on top of everything, on every desktop. im sure theres an easy fix for this but i just dont know what it is.
    now trillian, like i said, it installed perfectly (which seemed to be the problem for everyone else) now i skiped the configuration wizard and copied all of my files and settings from my windows computer over to the trillian folder on to my linux laptop.
    this is where we have problems, goto run the application, and it just tries over and over to minimize itself to the lower right hand corner it just does the animation for it. i dont know if theres a fix for this or not, but if i can get trillian to work i never have a reason to go back to windows,

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    Just out of curiousity, have you actually looked at Gaim? It's a complete replacement for Trillian... (and doesn't have the spyware).

    I don't run Winblows apps on Linux boxes, so I can't be of any help, but just wanted to make sure you were aware of Gaim...
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    Whats wrong with xmms and gaim? they both seem to be beter i acualy use gaim even on windows boxes, and although xmms isnt avalible i would use it there

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    and if you use MSN, there's aMSN ( also kopete for KDE. i think the problem Trillian is having is that it never appears on the taskbar, and perhaps wine doesn't know what to do with it. with winamp, well xmms is supposed to be a drop-in replacement for it. there's also amarok for KDE with is excellent imo.
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