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    Problems compiling from source

    I have compiled Wine 0.9.12 from source, but have come across something strange. The ../lib/wine directory is almost 250 MB. My build environment is Knoppix 3.4 - I use this from compiling software for Damn Small Linux. The installation works well (as well as wine does anyways), but I'm stumped as to why this directory is so big.

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    Huh, now that you mention it, my /usr/local/lib/wine is also that big (241.3MB in my case). It looks like it's mostly full of shared objects, so I guess it takes a lot of space to keep all the DLLs for every version of Windows that wine implements.
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    New to SUSE Please Help

    Hello all I downloaded SUSE 10 but I have three problems.

    1. Sound
    2. Videos
    3. Frozen mouse

    I successfully installed SUSE 10 with KDE and the sound was working.
    But after a day or two it stopped.
    YAST couldnt fix it.
    So I reinstalled SUSE 10 with Gnome and the sound was working.
    But after first restart it stopped working.
    YAST couldnt fix it.
    I would love to get rid of XP but SUSE is not reliable.
    My USB Microsoft mouse stops responding and I have to restart to get it back.
    Also I cannot play videos or dvds. I downloaded the RPMs and used Yast to install it.
    But still no go.

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    Zelmo - I visited the WineHQ IRC after posting this, and a user said to strip the binaries. As root go to ../lib/wine directory - run the command "strip -x *" in that directory. I don't quite understand the command, but it condensed 250MB down to about 30MB (very quickly at that). Anyways, wine itself it still fully functional.

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