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    Cannot SAVE in Crossover Wine MSOffice

    Dear friends:

    I am using PCLINUXOS version .92.

    I am using the older 1.3.5 verion of Crossover Office but the same problem occurs (i.e. at least for me) in the latest version. I installed MSWord 97 (which I purchased from Microsoft and own the license to) and it installed successfully.

    By the way, here is Codeweaver's web site address:

    I downloaded the Crossover Office User's Guide for the latest Pro
    version and read through all of it. Towards the very end I found the
    question and answer I was looking for. Here it is:

    It's on page 177, point 8.9. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to copy and
    paste the section into this letter. So I have uploaded it to my site at:

    It suggests editing the support/dotwine/config file. I have done that in accordance with their instructions. But I still can't save.

    I am happy to report that MSWord97 works fine, I can configure it
    properly and it prints fine. But when I click on File, Save (or on the
    toolbar) or on Save As, Word just crashes. Period. It crashes instantly.
    I never have a chance to do anything after that. That's the crux of the

    I would be very grateful to someone on the forum if they could help me
    troubleshoot this. I have looked in vain for a solution in Google and on
    the Codeweaver support and forum page. No answer.

    I might add that I've considered upgrading and downloaded the latest Crossover Office Pro version and had the exact same problem with Word97, i.e. I could not save any documents. It looks like the problem is the same on both the old and new Crossover Office. I understand that this is probably a file permission or configuration issue but I've just reached the end of my technical abilities.

    Note: I would like to just use OpenOffice, but sometimes a publisher will only be satisfied with MSWord. In those circumstances, it would be much easier for me to do my work in MSWord than to do it in OOo and then have to correct all the formatting errors that always creep into any attempted conversion, no matter how good. OpenOffice is great but I would like to have the choice of using MSWord in Linux when absolutely necessary.

    Thank you very much.


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    I'm not familiar with Crossover Office but I've used wine a few times. It seems like the crash may be happening when you open the standard save/load dialog. I dont know if this will solve the problem, but you could try editing your wine config file (~/.wine/config) and telling it to emulate a different version of windows. By default I think it uses windows 98, but you can change it, and this makes a difference to some of the standard dialogs that get displayed.
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    Dear Roxoff:

    Tried that. Didn't work. Appreciate your efforts. Just very frustrated. By the way, here is the Crossover config file:

    Thanks so much again.


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