hello everyone,
im using Kubuntu 6.06 and have wine 0.9.14 installed.im a part of a LAN and we play CS all the time.I switched to linux couple of months back and now i aint using windoze no more.I installed CS:CZ and it runs smooth but i cant play multiplayer on my PC and i have 2 problems:-

1:> Im unable to find any servers hosted on my LAN.all of'em are hosted in windoze.to connect, i have to manually type in the IP alongwith the port number.Is there any way i can find the servers automatically when i click on the refresh button.

2:>This is the big one.when i ran CS:CZ for the first time,i figured out that i cant host or connect to any servers.All the servers have a certain file called motd.txt(message of the day).its just simply html n css tags.after i connect to a server and bfore the game starts,this message is displayed.Somehow wine doesnt seem to recognize this,i get an empty screen and my game crashes.One thing i did was to delete the motd.txt files frm my PC and also from my friends who host CZ often.But the problem is my LAN is big and most still have that file.Is there any workaround for this,so that wine is able to read the message and do not crash.