Here you all go, I wanted to make a walk through sense there dont seem to be any on the internet that are 100% right.

Part 1: Configuring Wine
Download the latest source code for wine, extract it into a directory.
Download these patches
place these patches in the top directory of the wine source then open up counsle and type:
patch -p1 < wine-wow-fixes.patch
patch -p1 < wine-cvs-glx.diff
Now you should be ready to compile wine in counsle do:
make depend && make
and finaly (make sure to be using root for this part, if you dont know how to get into root just type su - and enter your root password):
make install
Now make a file with a text editor in /etc called, that contains a single line specifying a directory: /usr/local/lib. after this, while in root, run ldconfig.

At this point you will want to run wine to make your fake C:\ drive.

Now we need some dll's and the mozzila active x control dowload them here
msvcp60 :
mozzila active x:

Now we can put the .dll files in the system folder:
mv msvcp60.dll mfc42 ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32/
Then well install the active X control:
wine MozillaControl1712.exe
now run winecfg

1. In the Applications tab change Windows version to Windows XP
2. In the Graphics tab:
1. Enable Pixel Shaders
2. Set Vertex Shader to Hardware
3. Enable Allow the window manager to control the windows
3. In the Audio tab set to OSS output

Part 2: Installing World of Warcraft
Now well install World of Warcraft. Get out your cd's and copy all of the first CD to a directory, after this copy the MPQ's from the rest of the CD's to the same directory.

for example(for the first cd)
 cp /dev/cdrom/*
then for the rest
cp /dev/cdrom/*.mpq
Once you have them all copied from copied, run the installer
wine /directory/were/you copied the cd's/installer.exe
Go through the installer, i would suggest taking out all the spaces in the directory where its installed, for easier acces in the future.

Once you have installed WoW, the /World of Warcraft/wtf/ file needs to be modified. Add the following lines:
SET gxApi "opengl"
SET SoundOutputSystem "1"
SET SoundBufferSize "100"
SET gxColorBits "24"
SET gxDepthBits "24"
After this you can start up world of warcraft
wine ~/.wine/drive_c/worldofwarcraft/wow.exe -opengl
if you did all of it right it should start up and you can log on your acount and the updater should update your game and youll be set to go.

After this you should have a great gaming experiance, although its debatable, in my opinion it runs even smoother than in windows, with a 65-80 fps constant, on my hardware.

heres a screenshot: