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    would Wine work with....

    hi guys,

    i moved over from windows due to my hate for microsoft, the only thing now is that the programs i once used and loved won't work (im only assuming this)

    is there a way i can get the following programs to work with linux;

    Dreamweaver 8
    FlashPro 8
    Photoshop cs2
    Windows Media Player 10 (not the new beta V11.. it's pants)
    WebCeo 6.0 (i only use some of the functions.. so fellow SEO's please dont hate me lol)
    rooter driver from netgear (that would rock!!!!!)

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    Yes it will, after some workaround.... It is better if you have windows installed on other disk, so that you could use those dll in wine...

    Even if it will not work on wine, it will work on CrossOver Office, which is a commercial product built on top of Wine, and could be considered as front-end and improvement to Wine.

    As I see from your post, you are using graphic applications, maybe you are web designer, in this case there are many graphical application available for linux that will allow you to work with raster and vector graphics. For example:

    Gimp, could be considered as Photoshop analogue in Linux or Quanta for web pages development and many others. Check for such kind of resources on and, and if you find something usefull, take a minute or two to post link to our Downloads Directory.

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    thanks Rustam

    I'm doing a multimedia and internet technologies degree i dint really think about what replacement there are as i moved over to linux two days ago as i want to further my understanding of computing technologies

    i allready have gimp (just haven't used it yet) and I'm going to look into Quanta, if i find any more good quality programs then sure i will post the link in the forum

    thanks for the advice

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    nnvu is also good for web development although it may be considered to simple. im not shure if it would be adaquate but i felt comfortable using it to learn web programing.

    flash is not supported on linux as well as other platforms and could be replaced with java or javascript. mplayer or xine are dominant linux media players (the ladder is easier to use and install than the former in most cases) and gimp (gtk environment, there is another program for the kde environment) is good for photo editing.
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