Hey guys,

This is my first attempt at using wine, so I'm sure that I'm doing something dumb here...sorry.

I'm trying to install a couple of media server programs: Twonkymedia and Dlink media server, on my FC4 box using wine. Here is what I did and what I get.

1) Dlink -- I added the install program to the config, with XP as the OS. It installed just fine...I think...folders created and such. But when I go to run the app it doesn't do anything. I tried adding the EXE file to the config with XP as the OS and I still get nothing. No errors nothing, it just doesn't start. I'm not sure even where to look for logs of what is happening.

2) Twonkymedia, installs pretty much and starts...but as part of the app...actuall for both apps...it's supposed to place an icon in the start tray, to pull up config information in XP. Since there is no start tray, per se, it just disappears. It has a web service, so I can see that it is running...but it isn't advertizing on the network as it should.

I have heard people talking about tweaking Wine, but I don't even know where to start.

Both apps are supposed to run as services in XP with Start tray icons. and they both basically take selected folders and advertize them over uPnP to my media center client (DSM-320). This all works fine in XP, but not wine.

any help or suggestions would be appreciated.