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    Introductory article on Wine

    Well i maintain a blog . I have written a Introductory article on using wine i thought maybe i cud share it with linux newbies here , it may be usefull to some
    Here is the link : -

    Do tell me how you like it and wat changes i can made

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    However the transition has been slow on desktop side primarily because of lack of quality application available on linux...
    I beg to differ. There are gobs of applications listed at,
    here's a large table of analogs of Windows software on Linux,
    and when I last checked, Sourceforge was hosting 5762 projects for Linux with status Production/Stable or Mature.
    There's lots of overlap between these, but that's not all of the directories. I didn't even mention Freshmeat, Gnomefiles, or Savannah.

    If you mean that it's your opinion that the best Windows apps are better than the best Linux apps, you should state that that's your opinion, "In my view ...".

    also a users find it difficult to start working on entirely new software .
    This is more to the issue. People who are used to working with specific Windows applications that they like are not going to like to uproot themselves and learn something else. The new application is always worse just because it's different.

    After installing wine download winetools utility which greatly simplifies installation of windows applications
    You should note that there is a fair amount of controversy over this. The Wine developers hate Wine Tools. You might want to reference this thread from the Wine Weekly Newsletter.

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