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Thread: Using STEAM

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    Using STEAM

    I installed STEAM using WINE. I just installed Linux, so I will need help.
    I installed WINE 0.9.17 for Fedora.

    When I install STEAM, everything runs fine, but I cannot login to my account. The whole box is blank with no words or any place to type my username or password.

    When I try typing, a box pops up in the file explorer with what I'm typing.
    The only thing I can do is check what should be, "Remember my password", which I can't see either.

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    Have you checked out the Wine Application Database? It's usually very informative:
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    I tried after you posted that, and I went to these links:
    Here, I got as far as downloading Wine 0.9.17 for Fedora. Then when I went to the core fonts:
    Here, I don't know what a rtm-build or wget is. and what is ttmkfdir?
    None of them are in services, or in add/remove applications. I attempted downloading by going here:
    However, now I don't know what to download, and after I tried some, I don't know how to install them.

    I'm sorry, but this my first time using Linux. It's really hard compared to Windows sometimes, but much better.

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    you need to use command line buddy, wget is a command that lets you download stuff, ill explain how to do it step by step in a few hours if you cant figure it out, i gota go somewhere right now though

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    Yea, that would be awesome, thanks.

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    Isn't there anyone who can help?

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    ttmkfdir is an rpm (a package installation file) under Fedora. If you downloaded it and you have a file named ttmkfdir-*.rpm (where * is some version etc.) then you can install it (as root) with this command

    rpm -Uhv ttmkfdir-*.rpm

    But Fedora has a simplified procedure name "yum" that downloads, tests for dependencies and installs. You can just do this:

    yum install ttmkfdir

    I don't even use Fedora, but I know that because of the documentation here.

    You can do the same with any package that Fedora has in it's repositories. wget is in there, so if you don't have it then install it the same way:
    yum install wget

    To see if wget is already installed on your system, run one of these shell commands:
    type wget
    rpm -q wget

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    And shell meaning "Terminal", right?

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    Yes. A text console or bash shell window, also called a "terminal" in honor of the old VT100 pre-PC days.

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    If you just can't login, type in console:
    wine steam.exe -login name password

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