Hi all,

I had never used Wine before, and I heard that a peice of software (that is the only reason I keep Windows on the dual boot) does actually work on Linux using it.

I installed it okay, with Wine running the Windows-based installer. Fine. It installed, but it turns out I needed Internet Explorer to run the actual executionable! Several attempts at this failed, but I noticed Wine Tools would install it for me.

Wine Tools has been a bit trickey - it took a while to realise that on Ubuntu I need to switch back to the default "human" theme to stop the error messages. Okay. But then it kept freezing on the basics - creating a "fake" or "virtual" Windows drive or something.

I did a fresh install of Wine and Wine Tools, thinking that me installing the program at the beginning did it. Still the same problem. Looking at it, I see that in the .wine part of the usr/bin I have a folder for the windows "c drive" and the origional program I wanted installed inside "Program Files". This isn't deleted by the install.

Now, my question is, can I just delete this c drive folder inside .wine, or do I need to just remove the contents of "Program Files"? What were the origional contents of the .wine folder, so that I know what to leave, and is there a better way to clear it (Complete Reinstall with Synaptic Package Manager did nothingy)?

Many thanks. I hope I've been clear enough, but if not, please ask me to clarify and elaborate.