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    I found the site I was talking about..

    Now I don't know where I seen the version I have is verson 9, but when it comes up from the CD, it says: Family Tree Maker 2006.

    On this site it says: After installation, Family Tree Maker 2006 runs properly.

    Then it goes on to talk about IE6. Well each time I click on the CD on the Icon, FTM.exe, then it all starts to download, I keep getting the box that comes up that says IE6 is not on this machine. So apparently its not being installed.

    This article on the above link says:

    The InstallShield installer checks for Internet Explorer 6 and hangs if it is not found. Install IE6 and patch the wine installation with Windows Update before trying to Install Family Tree Maker 2006

    I don't know what this writer means when he says "hangs if its not found".. but when I run the install for IE6 from the CD, it acts as if it installs it.

    Can some one explain to me what the writer is talking about when he says this:

    "Install IE6 and patch the wine installation with Windows Update before trying to Install Family Tree Maker 2006"

    I have went ahead and did this install process a few times. Like I said, seems like IE6 installs. But the next part about the Patch the wine installation with Windows update... is what I don't understand.

    Now.. one thing here.. When I am doing this process of installing IE6, afterwards I get two boxes that come up with errors.

    Each box says the same, except the file names are different in them.

    Windows Update
    An error occurred Loading "c:\windows\system32\icmfilter.dll" This file may not have been installed or it has been corrupted.

    The next file error box and file name is:

    "c:\Program File\Command File\Microsoft Shared\MSInfo\ieinfo5.ocx"

    I am thinking this could be the problem why IE6 is not showing up as installed??

    But then I have did something... must have tried to install FTM.. and it said all the files are installed. So.. don't get it..

    Can some one please help... I need!!!! FTM...

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    Can some one explain to me what the writer is talking about when he says this
    In the link you gave to the Wine AppDB, the person was using Wine version 0.9.3, but the current version of Wine is 0.9.22. There have been lots and lots of bug fixes in the interim, so the old warnings may not apply.

    You are making good progress. But unfortunately you hit a requirement to install IE6, which has been like hitting a brick wall when I hit it. It's a shame Microsoft has encouraged such unnecessary dependencies, but of course they want to discourage the freedom you and I are enjoying. Numerous entries in the AppDB just blithely say, "install IE6", so others must be having better luck than I. Though I haven't tried in the last few releases of Wine.

    I believe the file c:\windows\system32\icmfilter.dll is installed as part of IE6. Note that the directory corresponds to the Linux directory ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32/ (assuming you accepted the default when configuring Wine). When real Windows software runs under Wine, it sees ~/.wine/drive_c/ as C:\.

    Good luck with IE6. I hope you are crafty enough to prevail, Cathy.

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    Well I don't know if I am "Crafty" enough or not... I get so upset! But then I go back and keep on trying. Most of which I don't now what I am doing... Remember I am a Windows person... I have used Windows since the version 3.0... Then to switch to this??!! heheheh...

    I am trying to find an older version of FTM that didn't use IE... I know when FTM first started, IE was no where around, cause I was not even hooked up to the internet when I first started genealogy. This was back in 1993 I think. Also those were on cassette's, not CD's... I am not sure if I even have that one any more. No clue where it is, if I do. Most likely by the time they went to CD's they were already joined with Microsoft. So, I would have to get one before then, I am thinking... But then I am just not sure... Maybe a few of the early CD version didn't require IE??

    Guess I just need to try to find the forum and see if I can find out some of these things I don't know or don't remember.

    Thanks for your help. I did what that link said to do and got several errors. It just could not download.

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