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    Hard Drive Space error, Blizzard Updater (WoW)

    I've been successful getting WoW to run by following this and a couple other great walkthrus out there, but I am now having a problem applying a WoW game patch, and I believe it to be related to this newest version of WINE, 0.9.23, that I am using. I have installed WINE under ubuntu 6.06, and I can log in to the game, and both video and sound work well (though I haven't been able to test thoroughly yet).

    The problem is that when the Blizzard Updater attempts to apply the patch (it downloads fine), it thinks I am out of disk space (I have plenty).

    I have followed the advice found in numerous places for this issue, setting the TEMP and TMP registry keys to the value "\", but this has no effect. These keys are in a different place than they were, it seems, in WINE 9.22 and earlier, so this makes me suspect a change in WINE is causing this. I am also unable to see how these keys would cause this problem anyway, as long as they are set to an existing directory with write permissions (which they are).

    So, has anyone seen this yet? I know 9.23 JUST came out, so this may be a new version of an old problem, and any insight anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated!! Let me know what other information I should provide about my system that would help.

    I have WoW installed on a FAT32 partition, by the way, accessible thru the linux file system as /fatdisk/World Of Warcraft. My normal login has write permissions to that partition. The c drive is mapped to home/kkellyc/.wine/drive_c, and the TEMP and TMP keys are set to c:\windows\temp, which is an existing directory.

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