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    Problem Installing Wine

    Ok i downloaded the wine rpm and i clicked to install it and it started to install and it got all the way to the end then froze. so now i went back and tryed to install it again and it said it was all ready installed so i went to my run programs and typed in wine and nothing ever comes up or anything and it doesen't say bad command or anything. Is there a way to uninstall it and then reinstall or what.

    Need Help Total Newb To Linux.

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    if /mnt/windows/filename.exe is the location of the windows aplication you want to run in wine then this is the command to do it:

    wine /mnt/windows/filename.exe

    RPM is not such a great format you might wantto consider a distro that properly automaticaly handels dependancys and configuration files.. such as gentoo. it makes thing SO MUCH SIMPLER!

    "emerge wine"

    to install it under gentoo. that one command does the following steps:

    decides what dependancys wine needs, fetches those files from the internet and compiles/installs then in the right order and location then does the same for the wine sourcecode.. all automaticaly.. gentoo is so incredible its hard to beleive. But it is - and thats a fact.

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