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    Browsing using 'Wine' using firefox, and XP modem drivers??

    Dont know if this is possible but could I use the 'Wine' program to browse the internet using my Firefox installed in XP along with the working USB modem drivers???

    I can use my USB Cable Modem just fine in XP, and Linux Fedora just cant seem to handle this, so would it be possible to run my XP browser through linux?

    Thanks for any help you can give.

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    you could run the browser through wine, bet you would take a major performance hit due to the fact that it is non-native code being run through an API layer... also, wine uses the linux hardware drivers, not windows... wine is an attempt to reproduce the windows API's through reverse engineering...

    the best thing for you to do would be to look on the USB modem manufacturer's website for a driver or google for a howto on how to get it to work...

    also, i would recommend updating to a 2.6 kernel if you haven't already.. it could possibly already have support for your USB modem built-in... i don't know right off if it does.. you'll have to look in the kernel config for it....

    good luck getting it to work..
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    Thanks very much for the advice.... much appreciated

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