if you're desperate to get windows applications working, I do recommend Crossover - which is in essence commercial wine, that you do have to pay for (its only like $50 or something though) and its well worth it. I've got photoshop, microsoft word 2000 (full featured no bugs even printing is a snap) and other windows applications running really well. Word 2003 has a few minor problems (like when you go --> it doesnt turn into a bolded arrow...blah) but besides that its workable too. I like the bold arrow though so I just use my office 2000.

[on the bad side, crossover pro 5.0.3 is actually available via torrent. Its not good to torrent it though you wont miss your $50 cause its really worth it. I bought it. I did get wine working with photoshop but not word. These guys are the same guys who work on wine I think...just they made everything click-and-run ]

Oh and speaking of wine itself, to view alot of files for wine you're gonna want to go to your home folder, view->show hidden files

you'll get a .wine folder or something that has files you might need. took me forever to figure that out. I think the "c drive" might actually be there too

I forget its been a while since I've actually used real wine now. I love crossover!