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    AxCrypt on Mandriva 2007

    For giggles I've decided to install AxCrypt (for Windoz) on Mandriva 2007. SO I download the .exe, right clicked (not as root) and said run with "wine" in the application dialog box.

    To my amazement it started to install, stopped and insisted on needing IE4 or better. No biggie, did same for ie6setup.

    It appeared to install and then AxCrypt also installed and runs.

    But though it runs, AxCrypt will only decrypt and even then after handing it a valid key and path, the decrypt button is still grayed out.

    Hope someone see the error of my ways.

    In the mean time, I'll try again as root.

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    Don't try it as root! Wine is beta software, and AxCrypt was designed to run on Windows. If you run it as root you may well take your machine down quite quickly. Also bear in mind that your wine config is your own, and you effectively are running the windows application as root.

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    Super M,

    Advice well taken.

    It is my test box. This is a Sunday afternoon. A what if, beer project.

    I was hoping for a more detailed reason why it is not working under wine on an initial safe, non-root mode. Now I'm trying it as root.

    Thus my reason for posting in the WINE section of the forum. If WINE is such a bad thing,.... I've been to WINE's site about this application. No such cautions expressed there. Also no help.

    If it doesn't work then, it's another WINE failure.

    Possibly you can suggest another cross-platform application that is as user friendly as AxCrypt?

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    There were absolutely NO issues when reinstalling as root. Yes, a lame exercise on my part since I knew the process.

    Anyway, WINE continues to be a wine infused dream. This application like most on WINE, fail to work out of the box and support continues to be weak.

    Knowing better I still test the waters every couple of years.

    I haven't given up with AxCrypt yet on Linux, only because beating my head on a cinder block wall brings clarity at times.

    Just a general FYI WINE rant.

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