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    Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne on Ubuntu 6.10 Problems

    Warcraft III Frozen Throne 1.22
    Wine 0.9.29
    Ubuntu 6.10
    AMD Sempron 3400+
    ATI R480 Chipset with onboard video/sound (onboard video not used)
    2 GB of ram
    Dell 20" Widescreen monitor connected via DVI port
    ATI Radeon x800 PCI-X with 3D drivers installed according to
    I start using: wine .wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Warcraft\ III/Frozen\ Throne.exe -opengl

    Custom games seem to work okay but if I try to play a ladder game, Warcraft freezes a couple of minutes into the game.

    The other problem I am having is that some of the unit textures in the game flicker (ie - you can see some part of a farm but not the way its supposed to look).

    In the game settings I cannot see 1680x1050 as a resolution choice so I manually forced it in the Wine user registry. Changing the resolution to another resolution (ie - 1280x1024) does not solve any issues.

    I have tried various audio settings, and even completely disabling sound to see if the crashes would stop but the game still crashes 2 minutes into a ladder game.

    I have tried using Windows 2000 and Windows XP Wine modes with no noticeable difference.


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    The thing with wine is that it's not perfect. It isn't meant for this kind of thing. In fact, it's not an emulator (Wine Is Not an Emulator). If you want to play WoW, you should look into something called Cedega.

    With that said, it does appear it can be done but we will need more info such as error messages or anything that was output to the terminal.

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