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    Uninstalling windows stuff under WINE

    So, how does one uninstall windows programs run under WINE?

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    If you only have one program installed, or you want to get rid of everything, the surefire way is

    rm -rf .wine/

    If you need to remove one specific program, go to it's folder within .wine and try to find the uninstaller (uninst.exe, unwise.exe or some such), and run it. If you can't find one, or it doesn't fully work, just delete the program's folder:

    rm -rf ".wine/drive_c/Program Files/<yourprog>"

    There'll still be stuff left over in the wine registry; you can delete it by hand with "regedit" if it really bothers you.

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    I don't know if it existed already back then when this topic was started, but now (wine 1.0, but maybe earlier) there is "uninstaller". Just run from a command line and it will show a list of applications installed under wine, you just select and it will uninstall. It's useful because some installations don't have those uninstallers in their own folders or menus.

    By the way, right now I'm trying to uninstall the *windows* tablet driver from wine, which does not have a common "uninstaller.exe" sort of thing; it appears in this general uninstaller I mentioned, but it fails to conclude the uninstallation. My best guess would be to remove the program folder, but there's also some stuff on system32 and one subfolder on there...

    ...well, I guess it's safe to delete and then test if something goes wrong, if anything goes wrong, I restore the deleted files. Or at least, I'll delete my .wine folder and just start all over with wine...

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