I'm trying to switch my family over to GNU/Linux, but one major problem is QuickBooks, financial software that my dad uses extensively (it's sort of a higher-end version of Quicken). If it were me I'd just make the effort to learn GnuCash or some such, but you know how it is...

So I've tried to get it running in wine (and I'm a reasonably experienced wine user). Things are complicated by the fact that we have an ancient 6.0 CD, and a 2001 *upgrade* CD. 6.0 installs and runs fine (after some quibbles about temp HD space). When I run the upgrade, after clicking through all the "nexts" it gives the following error in a message box:
Unhandled exception
Error Number: 0x80040706
Description: Object reference not set
Setup will now terminate.
A bit of googling revealed that this was an error in the InstallShield wizard which people had been getting on Windows. The solution was to manually update the wizard, which I did (starting from a clean Wine setup). The upgrade then got a bit farther, but gave this generic error (at 32% to be specific):
QuickBooks 2001:
Setup failed to run installation: (0x8000ffff)
Google revealed nothing. In desperation I tried copying the whole installed program folder from the Windows partition, but that got me a ton of wine dll not found errors, even though the mentioned dlls were all in the program's folder.

Any suggestions?

edit: One more thing, the winehq page suggested manually copying dcom95.dll into the wine folder, which I did but it didn't seem to affect things.
Some stats: Debian etch; wine 0.9.30 from the winehq repository.