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    Where can I get WINE for Ubuntu Hoary (5.04)

    Yes, I know it isn't supported anymore. I ordered a copy of Dapper a week ago, and since I know that it will take a while to get here, I thought I'd ask where I may (if possible) get a copy of WINE for this version. The closest version I can find is for breezy, which I am not sure is such a good idea to try to use on a different version.

    I just started using Ubuntu, I know how to install stuff, though.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    I got the package through the package manager. I'm new to Ubuntu, tell me, is wine some sort of application, that you run Windows apps in or does it work some other way. I'd like to know cause I installed realplayer, but it kept freezing up, and I'd like to be able to use Winamp to play my mp3's. I know wine isn't perfect, but I really don't know what else there is to use.

    The mp3's issue...that I started a thread elsewhere on the forum.

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    Wine allows you to run some windows program. However, I doubt you need it. There is a real player for linux ( or you can install the codecs and use a normal linux player. Both can be installed using

    There are several winamp clones (bmpx or xmms2) as well as many other apps.
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    Thanks for the help. I will need wine if I ever plan to attempt to play Halo again.

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    Halo? Even if Wine could manage to play Halo, not many games or programs can run on it. (Especially games and high priority software.) Hopefully, you didn't totally wipe out Windows.

    To answer your previous question as to what Wine actually is: Wine is a program that reads in a Windows executable file. It then interprets the executable just as Windows would, loading the necessary DLL's and executing all the necessary system calls. Note, however, that Wine isn't an emulator. It doesn't emulate the entire system. Only the software. It translates Windows programs to Linux on the fly.(Kind of...)

    Does that help? Hopefully....

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    Well, I did, but it is on again. I don't have much hard drive space at all, 10gb, so I can only support one OS...

    Well, that's okay, I don't keep anything important on this thing, all my music and anything of importance is stored on portable storage.

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