Hi, I am a co-developer of the windows, gpl, emule mod morph and want to get it running under wine.

I installerd a recent version (0.9.30) under a unbunto at got it running. However the program is using up 100% cpu usage.

"top" says to me it is spending 50% of the time in wineserver, 45% in emule.exe and the other 5% in all other kind of housekeeping stuff.

attaching winedbg to it tells me that if i break several times in a row i will get the following call stack:

=>1 0xffffe410 (0x0033e204)
2 0x7bc5427a wine_server_call+0x176() in ntdll (0x0033e2e4)
3 0x7ede51b1 GetWindow+0x76() in user32 (0x0033e374)
4 0x006a215c in emule (+0x2a215c) (0x0033e38c)
5 0x006a2153 in emule (+0x2a2153) (0x0033e3b4)
6 0x0069d751 in emule (+0x29d751) (0x00000000)

(Sometimes the Getwindow is replaced my gettopwindow, that calls getwindow)

Both windows call i do not see at a suspect location in my program. loading the emule.pdb fails with "no longer supported" or (sometimes....) that a codeview fetch failed.

-Can i use those address in backtrace to locate where in the emule.exe the program is looping?
-Is there a good place to ask this (I have wine running now for a few hours, so i am a very noob at this stuff)