I realized I posted this in another forum. Apologies mods ...

Anyway trying to run WoW and am getting a 1 to 2 second sound lag that I can't seem to get rid of. Here is my set up:

Slackware 11
kernel 2.6.20
SBLive 5.1
DFI Ultra NForce 4
1 GB Corsair XMS RAM
Dropline gnome

I've read through the sticky and have adjusted my buffer size with little or no effect.

I've tried this also on Ubuntu with gnome and with using codeweavers and get the same result.

It seems like there is either a setting or a daemon running that is sucking up my sound. I've also ran winecfg and changed driver emulation and have gone from OSS to Alsa to esound and everything in between with no luck.