Incase anyone else hits the same problem I had, I thought I'd mention this:

By default Crossover6 tries to install OfficeXP in a Win98 bottle. I had a couple of error messages, one being

The installation of Microsoft Office XP failed.

YOu can find the installation log here:

I checked the log but it's huge, and I found it difficult to tell which part documented the failure, so not much help there.

The other message I got stated a problem with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5, and then crashed Crossover. I had to xkill to get out.

I managed to install it by choosing "install unsupported software" instead of the defaults, and then selecting "Windows 2000" as the OS, which then installed fine. A simple fix I know, but I would have thought Crossover should know which bottle was best for one of its template installs.

Hope this helps someone