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Thread: What is Wine?

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    What is Wine?

    Someone give me a one sentence description of WINE? Emulator, VM or? Do I need Win install CDs?

    Can wine act as a Win98SE emulator well enough to run my printer drivers and TWAIN inside Ubuntu? Can a print job be handed off from WINE to Ubu or to USB (as necessary)?

    Lexmark has made it possible for me to keep my old Win98SE system running (*joke*) because their printer and TWAIN scanner drivers don't work in Win2K and XP. Very thoughtful of them don't you think? (last driver update at Lexmark is 2001 prior to XP and win2K SP4).

    If you are going to suggest a new printer (someone inevitably does) which brand and model is compatible with Ubuntu?

    Bill C

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    Wine Is Not an Emulator it is an foss implementation of windows api. You do not need windows to use wine. I doubt it would be able to help you with the hardware issue. For future printers, there are many different models, take a look at I have always found HP to be very well supported.
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