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    Before you give up, have you tried:

    cd .wine/drive_c/"Program Files"

    this is the standard way to do it I believe.......I think you could also try this to access the folder:

    cd .wine/drive_c/Program\ Files

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    Well, he's not actually after Xubuntu anymore, so that's pretty much it.

    i've already suggested .wine/drive_c/Program\ Files in a private message a week ago.

    If your other suggestion were to work, it would probably be in inverted commas rather than quotations.

    to Jay: Have you tried just Ubuntu. The 'Feisty' codename for version 7 is awesome, having switched from Mandriva one after several java, application and other problems popped up.

    I suggest you do the same, Mandriva LOOKS good, but has many errors. You'll probably find some of these:

    1. Can't install Java on Firefox, Opera disables it after a while, then doesn't work.
    2. Ability to log in as root on the GUI login screen (Very risky and badly executed)
    3. Network Problems.
    4. Rubbish software installation, never updates.
    5. Unstable when logging out, then back into any account.
    6. A waste of time to even TRY installing beryl on it (beryl is a cool graphics package that adds more 3D/Animated effects).

    All those problems were solved when I switched to Ubuntu: Feisty.

    Try out the live CD. - thats the UK mirror, here's the mirror choice link : Click Here

    - one extra about ubuntu, is that It can read ntfs and fat partitions, so you can access your music, pictures, game saves or anything from the windows partitions. These partitions, when detected can be accessed from the desktop.
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