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    Problem with Photoshop 6.0/Wine

    New Linux user trying some of my graphics apps in PCLinuxOS/Wine. Tried Photoshop 5.0, 5.5 and finally 6.0. All operated great except the clone brush (the one brush I absolutely can't do without) won't work. Alt/mouse click does nothing and I just get the message to use the alt key. Hopefully there's a way to deal with this since I want to go to Linux.

    This happened in an install using Wine and when I went to the Windows hard drive and used the installed Windows application of Photoshop. Nothing helps. Same problem.

    Tried changing the Windows versions in the Wine config utility but nothing works. Anyone have any ideas? Anyone heard of this before?

    Yeah, I know about the Gimp. That will be an absolute last resort since, like so many others, I really dislike the interface.

    Thanks, arkiedan

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    while you are solving that, I'm sure you still have your Adobe Photoshop 7 disk lying around. Try that. Its better and all of the tools work!

    Good luck with it!

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    You need to turn off the Alt key in the KDE Control Center under Desktop>Windows Behavior>Windows Actions >Inner Windows Titlebars and Frames. Change Alt to Meta or to nothing. You might have to do the same under Compiz.

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    in ubuntu (gnome), go to System>Preferences>Windows and select the super key (or windows key) as the default for moving windows,,,then when cloning, use Super(Windows) + Alt + Click,,,that should do the trick...

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