ive installed wine from an rpm available specific to fc2. i also installed winesetuptk. the config file in ~/.wine/config is the same as the /etc/wine/wine.conf niether of which mention anything about any harddrive or cdrom devices.
The first thing i did was backup my config file. Then i used winesetuptk. It's auto detect feature seemed to detect everything very well, however once i saved those settings, my wine installation became completely non-functional.
Uninstall then reinstall
Try Winesetuptk again this time editing instead of replacing, no changes whatsoever.

Try to add the devices manually
when i manually add a cdrom device into either or both of these to wine configuration files , following the instructions on the WINEHQ site, the device is simply not detected by wine.

Tried editing fstab to make sure that when i mount the device, that it's mounting as user and not root. Makes no difference. One thing i noticed though is that my fc2 sees pretty much any cdrom as read-only, which it is, but assigns root priviledges to any read-only media. Maybe that's related to why I can't access them through wine?

Also how do these two config files relate to one another, as it is not clearly defined in the information of the net. Should i edit one, or both? Which one?

Anyone else had this problem with winesetuptk? Any advice would be appreciated. THanks