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    shortcuts and start menu

    I'm using debian and some of my installed wine apps created their own menu items under 'wine' in the 'application' menu. It looks to me like a version of the 'start' menu in windows. I wanted to add other wine apps, so I had some questions. If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it.

    1 - how to make shortcuts (The files that I see that are labled as .lnk are not regular text files, but I believe they are responsible for these menus) and

    2 - how to refresh the start menu (I can add folders, etc, to the place in the directory structure -- under .wine -- where I think the menu is created, but cannot get the changes to reflect in the actual menu.)

    It's possible that I'm really missing some elemental point. Please feel free to point me in an entirely different direction.

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    I think I found out that 'wineboot' updates the 'start' menu, but I still don't know how to add my own items to that menu. Maybe it's all in the registry. If so, then my earlier question was a little off the mark. If anybody knows about this I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

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    like this:
    wineshelllink --menu --path /home/desimo/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Macromedia/dw8/Dreamweaver\ 8/Dreamweaver.exe --link Dreamweaver
    will put an entry called "Dreamweaver" inside of your Applications\Wine menu (or, I assume, wherever you have that menu configured to go to in the registry)

    Run the command with no args to see what options it takes.

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    That's cool. One more question. How would I remove an entry if I mess up? What do I do to erase a entry in the wine menu? Is it possible?

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