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    Wine with business apps like QuickBooks, ACT! ?

    Hey guys,

    I'm trying to work out a solution.. I'm getting a new laptop shortly and I want to install Linux on it (this is my first year using Linux, but I love it)

    However, I have my own business and need to use certain business apps that have my client data, like Quickbooks and ACT!

    I checked on the Wine site but these were not listed, does that mean they won't work, or just that no one has tested them?

    Ideally if I can get those apps running in Linux I would be all set. Otherwise, I'm debating between a dual-boot installation, or running Linux under VMware, but then I wouldn't be able to install Beryl/Compiz 3D which I'm really looking forward to trying out.

    dual-boot I would really prefer not to do, as I often need to access my business apps, so rebooting the laptop into linux during the day would not be ideal.

    Any ideas or suggestions?


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    It looks like ACT! should work fine with wine, but quickbooks, not so much.
    Wine Application DB - Viewing App - Act!
    Wine Application DB - Viewing App - QuickBooks
    However, quickbooks may work with codeweavers (which you have to pay for).
    CodeWeavers - Compatibility - Browse Apps by Group
    So if you don't mind spending a little $, then might try the trail version of codeweavers.
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    Smile Thanks!

    Thanks, I never knew about CodeWeavers, and it's only $39? Sounds like a bargain if I can run the few apps I still need to use on Linux.

    I'll check into it and try the demo when my new system comes in.


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    oh well

    Well I couldn't wait to try Codeweavers so I installed the demo on a home linux box I play around with.

    I was able to install ACT! 6 and I was actually impressed for a few minutes, but then I realized the search doesn't work (it starts the search, the status bar reaches the end, but then nothing happens, no search results). Too bad because everything else seemed to be working.

    Quickbooks Pro 2002 on the other hand, I couldn't get running at all. When I try launching it, it immediately quits.

    So I guess it's back to my other two options.. VMware or Dual boot.

    Thanks for the suggestions though.


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