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    Wine Ubuntu TaxCalc

    I posted this in the Ubuntu forum but got no replies so hopefully this community will be more knowledgeable.

    I have installed WIne (3 times now) and tried to use Winetools but after installation they just disappeared with no executable files showing anywhere, and unable to find any instructions for Winetools I gave up on it. SO I found another app called WIneDoors, this worked ok and set up Wine for me. And I have a few Windows apps showing in the "Applications>Wine-wine>wine-Programs>" menu.

    I have also installed Taxcalc, this was the only reason to use wine (there is no Linux version of Taxcalc) I did this by buying and downloading the TaxCalc.exe file from the relevant site and running the executable in File Browser using wine . This went exactly like a windows installation (I had to get libjack.something first and install that too which was no prob with apt-get).

    Now I have taxcalc in the "wine-Programs" sub menu BUT it won't work, nothing happens when I click on it.
    I have also gone direct via the file browser to Taxcalc.exe file and double clicked it, again nothing seems to happen.

    Have also tried to run in a terminal but always get Cannot find c:/Program or whichever path I type whether in Linux or windows style.
    I have a traditional windows setup in my home directory with taxcalc @ /home/rpa/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/TaxCalc 2007/TaxCalc.exe

    I get this>>
    rpa@rpaco-pc:~$ wine c:/Program Files/TaxCalc 2007/TaxCalc.exe
    wine: cannot find 'c:/Program'
    rpa@rpaco-pc:~$ wine /home/rpa/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/TaxCalc 2007/TaxCalc.exe
    wine: cannot find '/home/rpa/.wine/drive_c/Program'
    rpa@rpaco-pc:~$ wine /.wine/drive_c/Program Files/TaxCalc 2007/TaxCalc.exe
    wine: cannot find '/.wine/drive_c/Program'

    I am sure I am doing something stupid, but can someone please tell me what it is.

    I need this (taxcalc) to do (prepare) my income tax submission, otherwise I have to do it live online which is best not done if it can be avoided.

    Any ideas please.

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    This is wierd, I got a reply yesterday but it has been removed from the thread. A guy told me about using backslashes before the spaces in the windows path, but its not here now.
    Anyway I tried what he suggested and then tried to post the result here but the forum accused me of using 9 images with only 8 being allowed. I hadn't used any images at all actually so I am at a loss as to how to post the result, any offers?

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    Linux paths may not contain spaces. Try putting quotes around names containing spaces, e.g. "Program Files" instead of just Program Files.

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    You should also learn to use the autocompletion. Most shells can do it when you press the TAB key. For example, if you are at your promp and you have written this part of the command:

    rpa@rpaco-pc:~$ wine /.wine/drive_c/Program
    You could then press TAB, and the shell will autocomplete the path to the next slash conveniently. This is a good habit for two reasons:

    1. you have to write much less.
    2. you ensure that the paths are correct, autocompletion can't misstype, and if you can't autocomplete, then something is already wrong.
    3. autocompletion takes care of escaping the spaces in the middle of paths, preventing problems like the one you are having

    So, instead of the whole path, this is what I would have done:

    rpa@rpaco-pc:~$ wine ~/.win[TAB]dr[TAB]Prog[TAB]Tax[TAB]/Tax[TAB]
    You just need to type enough letters so the TAB autocompletion can complete the rest, enough letters to ensure that there's only one match available. Other shells, like zfs, cycle between the available matches, so you can use it even if there's more than one match. Note also that completion is configurable via /etc/bash_completion (in bash), so, if you use a command, like "wine", the autocompletion will only consider to autocomplete directories and files of the type that "wine" can open (exe, scr...). If, for example, you use mplayer, then the TAB autocompletion will only autocomplete considering media files, so, the rest of files in the directory don't get in the middle nor interfere with the autocompletion function.

    It's a good thing to get familiar with this mechanism.

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