Whenever I try to install wine with urpmi, I get the following error:
 [shane@localhost Desktop]$ su
[root@localhost Desktop]# urpmi wine
no package named wine
The following packages contain wine: 
[root@localhost Desktop]# urpmi xwine
Some requested packages cannot be installed:
xwine-1.0.1-4mdv2007.0.i586 (due to unsatisfied wine)
Continue installation anyway? (Y/n)
I said yes, and it gave my 4 or 5 other packages that needed to be installed too, so I installed them, but when I try to run wine, it doesn't work. But when I do "urpmi xwine" again, I get the same error, the unsatisfied wine thing. WTF DOES THAT MEAN? Can anyone help me out here?