So in Windows, I get ~80 FPS in WoW, but when I run it from Wine, I get anywhere from 10-30 (it goes up and down and doesn't seem to be linked to things like where I am, like for example I could just be running around in circles on top of the bank in Orgrimmar and it might just bounce up and down). Performance is pretty much the same in either DirectX or OpenGL mode.

My hardware is the following:
Intel Core2Duo 2GHz
2GB DDR2 667 RAM
nVidia GeForce Go 7700 (it's a laptop)

and my software setup is as follows:
Arch Linux (32-bit version), with 2.6.21 kernel, Wine 0.9.39.

I copied the WoW installation over from my Windows partition. My file looks like this:
SET readTOS "1"
SET readEULA "1"
SET readScanning "-1"
SET readContest "-1"
SET locale "enUS"
SET hwDetect "0"
SET gxApi "opengl"
SET gxResolution "1440x900"
SET gxRefresh "60"
SET gxMultisampleQuality "0.000000"
SET gxFixLag "0"
SET fullAlpha "1"
SET SmallCull "0.010000"
SET DistCull "500.000000"
SET trilinear "1"
SET frillDensity "48"
SET farclip "777"
SET specular "1"
SET pixelShaders "1"
SET particleDensity "1.000000"
SET unitDrawDist "300.000000"
SET movie "0"
SET expansionMovie "0"
SET realmList ""
SET shadowLevel "0"
SET anisotropic "16"
SET mouseSpeed "1"
SET Gamma "1.000000"
SET profanityFilter "0"
SET showToolsUI "0"
SET MusicVolume "0.40000000596046"
SET SoundVolume "1"
SET MasterVolume "1"
SET patchlist ""
SET weatherDensity "3"
SET realmName "Destromath"
SET cameraYawMoveSpeed "180"
SET cameraYawSmoothSpeed "180"
SET cameraView "4"
SET cameraDistanceMaxFactor "1"
SET gameTip "13"
SET ChatBubbles "0"
SET AmbienceVolume "0.60000002384186"
SET statusBarText "1"
SET minimapInsideZoom "0"
SET uiScale "1"
SET ShowTargetCastbar "1"
SET ShowVKeyCastbar "1"
SET UnitNameOwn "1"
SET UnitNameNPC "1"
SET guildMemberNotify "1"
SET gxWindow "1"
SET gxColorBits "24"
SET gxDepthBits "24"
SET ffxDeath "0"
SET ffxGlow "0"
SET lod "1"
SET DesktopGamma "1"
SET SoundOutputSystem "1"
SET SoundBufferSize "150"
and I added the OpenGL key to my Wine registry recommended at this site: Linux/Wine - WoWWiki, the Warcraft wiki

Any idea what I could do to improve my performance?