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Thread: gameguard error

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    Question gameguard error

    whenever the little gameguard window comes up when i start a game (maplestory, for example), it quits with the error:

    "Error Initializing (114)", "An error occurred while resetting GameGuard. Please try rebooting the system before restarting the client, or close all programs that may potentially collide with the client before restarting. We also recommend running virus/spyware checks for your system."

    i rebooted and no applications should interfere with it. i haven't run a virus check yet, but i'm going to now, and if this doesn't fix it, im counting on whoever reads this.


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    i'm also having the same problems with maplestory, i've never played it before, but I want to try it out

    meanwhile, im going to continue searching for what's wrong

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    nevermind, although things were pointing me elsewhere, my original thoughts are probably correct.

    i do not have admin access anymore, dont know for sure if this is the problem, but its part of it

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    Although this topic is over a week old, I wanna have a say in it.

    Gameguard is a rootkit developed to prevent any hacking programs to be running in the background processes. Without certain windows files for it to inject itself into, it freaks out during the scan it does of itself to see if it's in working order, finds it can't see itself in those files and attempts to inject itself into them.

    Without those files, it refuses to load.

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    altho this topic is over a year old now i just wanted to find out if anyone has made progress....what windows files is it looking at all possible) can we replace gameguard with say a shell script that will make the game think it's running...from what i have read gameguard basically runs before the game it protects and scans any request to access information on the game to try and detect if it is malicious code. there has got to be some way to get this to work...

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    don't know if this can help us any...when i try to play 2moons i get gameguard error 114....then i find this...but i did not think linux had any kind of firewall by defautl....

    GameGuard Error 114 - GameTribe

    this post is talking about windows but still maybe....

    i'm also thinking that gameguard is just showing me a random erro code and the problem is actually something else...but i so want to get this to work that i will keep looking...

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