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    Question "This product requires Internet Explorer 5.0 or later."

    Tried installing a game called FATE, got that error message at the beginning of the Install process. Anybody familiar with that issue/know what the fix is? Another user posted here: that they tried installing IE6 but that didn't fix it.

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    Known problem

    Bug 6569 - "Fate" refuses to install, claiming it needs IE5 or higher
    You can get past the first problem you found
    sh winetricks fakeie6
    but the installer uses parts of IE that Wine
    doesn't implement yet.

    Try installing it under Windows and copying it over, maybe.

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    Thank you. I guess if I'd searched a little more I would have found that - usually I'm good at searching, not that time.

    I've just begun fiddling with WINE recently, it's fun when you get something working w/it. I've actually had WINE work BETTER than Vista in some cases.

    I ran a handy script which installed IE6 (& 5.5) - but, I guess it doesn't really integrate it w/WINE the way that would make it fix this issue?

    If I hadn't gotten any replies about how work around the "won't install w/o IE" issue my next step was going to be to try to install in on a Windows PC then copy the folder over (like you suggested in your reply).

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    Oh, I love that WINE will "automatically" download and install gecko if a program tries to display a web page! I just ran that sh winetricks fakeie6, (which, btw has to be run under your user account, not root, so that it puts the files in the right folder~/.wine/....)

    Hmm ~ now there's some other issue with the FATE installer to deal with, I get a web window "Setup FATE" but no buttons to click...

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    I wonder if there's a (not too hard) way to get that IE6 I installed to be what WINE uses when a web page is displayed? (The way it seems to use gecko, now that I clicked OK to install gecko?)

    EDIT: Searched, found this, will try:

    If you want to run native Internet Explorer instead of the built-in version (which relies on Gecko code):

    1) use winecfg and set the following "libraries" to native for default settings:

    - iexplore.exe

    2) add a new application in the application tab by selecting IEXPLORE.EXE in c:\program files\Internet Explorer\

    3) select the newly created application and then click on the libraries tab again and set the following to native:
    - shdocvw
    - urlmon
    - mlang

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