Kubuntu Edgy user.

I had a perfect installation of MS office 2000. Something went amiss in the registry during the last update. Now, when loading office, it comes up, I get a registry error and then it closes. I tried a bizillion things, like...

Using the Office CD to repair
Using it to reinstall
Using it to remove

All of these showed success, but when launched, I got the same error, so I did

regedit, and restored a working version of my entire registry (I back this up from time to time because such things happen) and I still get the error.

Okay, so I remove wine, delete my home .wine directory, reinstall wine. Reinstall office and it give me the successful install message, and I still get the same error about files missing from the registry.

So then I try to downgrade wine to wine since I knew Office worked with that ...40, as the current version is ...41. Can't do this, dependency errors which is odd. I never had this happen when I needed to downgrade wine.

Office still works fine on my desktop Kubuntu Feisty machine. I guess that would make it not being wine?

Why I need MS Office (b/c I read other posts and replies are regarding, "Just install Open Office."
Open Office or koffice, when I open my *doc files does not keep the same margins and so any formatting or tables look goofy. I would love to ditch MS, but find it a necessary evil. I teach chemistry and I don't have time to reformat stuff that doesn't open right. Sometimes things that are a page are now on a page and a half... even though the font and size, and margins are set to the same parameters.

Is there a wine backup in some profile somewhere else in my home folder that I can't eradicate and so therefore even removing wine and it's directory don't wipe out the registry file?

My other few things I ran with wine still run okay. Not sure what the deal is.