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    Question Minimum cpu for Wifi


    i have bought an asus wl-138g v2 for my home router. However each time i load bcm43xx module, the whole computer freezes. I have tried original bcm module shipped with 4.0, 2.6.18 etch. I have also tried ndiswrapper with win drivers from shipped CD. Same compuer freeze after loading ndiswrapper module.
    I plugged the card to another box 566mhz, same kernel, same procedures for modules and both bcm43 and ndiswrapper worked. I am wondering, if this freeze could be caused by slower 200mhz (ovclk from 166) cpu and what are actually real cpu prerequisites for running a pci wifi card ? Does anybody have an experience with it ?
    In the manual is written 300mhz +, but i just want to know if there are possibilities that cards that don't need such cpu power exist ( exact types of them will help ) and if this could cause the freeze.

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    Is this a PCI card? If you're overclocking the CPU, are you running the PCI bus quicker too? You could try running this with the overclock turned off temporarily to see if it cures the issue.

    When the manufacturers limit the lower-end cpu requirement for their hardware to something pretty low (as in this case) they are often doing it to limit support incidents rather than because it doesn't work with these slower systems.

    It could just be that your card is sensitive to speed changes across the PCI bus. If running at normal speed solves the problem, see if you can overclock the processor without upping the PCI speed - some mainboards let you control these separately.
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