This problem is a little complicated to explain.

Background: At the local library hot spot, my Realtek RTL8180 NIC card in my T-21 Thinkpad was working fine. THEN I replaced PClinuxOS 0.93a with version 2007 due to the many Synaptic updates [over 500].

Now when I try to set up the wireless card again -

Control Center > Network & Internet > Wireless Connection

The Operating Mode is "stuck" in Master mode [I found out with 0.93a I need to be in Ad Hoc mode].

I push the Configure button and select Ad Hoc. Then reboot all the way down to the IBM splash screen/GRUB menu. BUT when I go back to "Wireless Connection" the Operating Mode is still "Master" !!!

I have used all the Control Center "options" -

1) Reconfigure existing network connection
2) Remove network interface
"and others" including booting up with NIC card removed !!!

Nothing will change the Operating Mode from "Master" -- I need help !!!