Hey, right long story ish but here goes.
After a lot of messing around i finally got ndiswrapper installed, so i tried to install the USB wireless card using the inf and sys files from the disk, however whenever i check if the drivers are installed properly "Sudo ndiswrapper -l" then all it says is invalid drivers, so i try to install the drivers again it says driver already installed, im not sure what the problem is.

Also, in the toolbars at the top there used to be an internet connection symbol thing, it had manual and automatic connection listed within it. Then it only had manual after a couple of hours messing aroun, and now it has completely gone. I cannont connect to the internet in anyway and think i may have unistalled Network manager. Iv tried installing it again, but it wont install. Now i am really stuck and have not internet access with ubuntu, so i have to keep switching to my Windows OS and browsing forums that way.
Thanks and kind regards.