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    How to enable wireless connection at boot up?

    I got my wireless connection up! Well yeah, but not on a regular boot! It is in the boot section, but there it keeps on saying: Determining IP address and then fails (Check Cable?).

    Now after logging in as root I type in the Terminal:
    ifconfig ra0 up
    dhclient ra0 -d &

    and then the Internet is up. Any chance I can get this to work on a boot?

    Sorry again for being so worse with linux yet...!
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    It is most likely trying to connect before the driver module is loaded. In my Suse laptop, I use NDISWrapper. There is a line in /etc/sysconfig/kernel for loading modules, I have added NDISWrapper.
    ## Type:        string
    ## ServiceRestart:    boot.loadmodules
    # This variable contains the list of modules to be loaded
    # once the main filesystem is active
    # You will find a few default modules for hardware which
    # can not be detected automatically.
    This starts my wireless up, but I need to give a password before it will connect.
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