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    Ubuntu collage wlan

    So, here's my situation. I have a wireless network at my collage. There are 10 (more or less) wireless routers placed all over the building. They all have the same ESSID. Some of those routers are broken or very badly configurated - things like it won't pass PEAP authorization or i can't get an IP adress through DHCP.

    I can easely connect to a good router with a network-manager (gnome), however when i switch my location it reconnects me to a router with a stronger signal - which may be broken.

    I would like to specifiy exacly which ap i want to connect to.

    Here's what i got so far.

    my wireless interface is called ath0 (atheros chipset, default ubuntu (madwifi?) driver, card is DWL-G650).

    so, i scan all available ap-s with "iwlist scan". I get a list of 7-8 routers with a same ESSID, and different channels and MAC adresses.

    then i changed MAC in iwconfig:

    iwconfig ath0 ap kk:kk:kk:kk:kk:kk

    then the channel:

    iwconfig ath0 channel Y

    and the ESSID:

    iwconfig ath0 essid FERwlan

    and that saves to iwconfig. Now the problem is - how to connect, because as soon i start connection-manager and type in my PEAP username & password it does nothing (i noticed that happening when i change something in iwconfig like mac or channel). Then he wont even connect even if i sit under the router, type his MAC & channel in iwconfig - which worked at the start. Restart my computer and story goes all over again.

    I tried to restart my networking script - "/etc/init.d/networking restart" doesn't seem to help anything.

    Is someone here more experinenced with networks in linux that can help me?

    As i already mentioned, the network is PEAP, username & password, dynamic WEP encription. All routers have the same ESSID.


    P.S. I don't consider a solution to this that i turn off roaming mode, i would like to connect immediatly to a desired ap.

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    hmmm... you can start the networking from the commandline instead of connection manager with something like
    dhclient ath0
    dhcpd ath0
    .... starting connection-manager might be wiping out your manual changes... not sure though because i'm not sure which program that is... what distro are you running?
    not sure how to get the peap encryption thing going though... will look into it

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