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    I want to look at the driver folder myself, so I looked at the Belkin web site. I couldn't find anything for the F5D7051, but I found drivers for the F5D7050 HERE. I need to know which version wireless you have. Take a look at that site and let me know.
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    None of them were correct, but i found mine and its correct:
    Belkin : Support : F5D7051 Driver

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    Thanks for the link.

    I downloaded the driver and unpacked it with this command.
    > unzip -a f5d7051.exe
    This gives us a lot of files, unfortunately some are still compressed. Cabextract didn't work, so I had to use wine. First I created a new folder to "install" to. There are too many files in the other folder, and it would just get confusing.

    Now run wine.
    > wine Setup.exe
    The windows installer will start (pretty cool, huh?). Don't let it install to the "C" drive, direct it to the folder that you created for it in the "/" section.

    I looked it over, and I think that these are the files that NDISwrapper need:


    When you run NDISwrapper it wants the location and name for the drivers .inf file. Direct it to bcmrndis.inf, and it should install the driver.

    Wait! You first need to have NDISwrapper installed. It should be available from the Debian installation CD that you used to install your distro. To see if you already have it installed enter this command (as root).
    # ndiswrapper -h
    I don't want to get too far ahead, so let me know if you get NDISwrapper installed.
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    ive been trying to install ndiswrapper all day and night, it just wont whatever i do (this is using the tutorial earlier posted in the thread) the ndiswrapper-common says that its package is installed but when i go to install the ndiswrapper-utils-1.9 it says that ndiswrapper common is not there?

    And if i try installing it the other way it says the same, for some reason it wont install ndiswrapper-common

    Also it doesnt understand the "wine" command

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    Maybe try to remove all ndiswrapper packages, so you can start clean. Apt will accept a wildcard as a substitute for various packages and versions, so try this.
    apt-get remove ndiswrapper*
    I think I have it right.

    You can install the same way.
    apt-get install ndiswrapper*
    You will also need to install wine, use apt for that too.
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    debian:/home/jason# apt-get remove ndiswrapper*
    Reading package lists... Done
    Building dependency tree... Done
    E: Couldn't find package ndiswrapper-1.48
    debian:/home/jason# apt-get install wine
    Reading package lists... Done
    Building dependency tree... Done
    Package wine is not available, but is referred to by another package.
    This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or
    is only available from another source
    E: Package wine has no installation candidate
    have u got any IM services so i can speak to u, making this quicker?

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    IM wouldn't be any faster, as I'm busy working on my house right now. I have the laptop on and check it once in a while.

    It sounds as if you need to add some apt repositories. I can't help you with that, and it is really beyond the intent of this wireless section. You may need to ask for help in the Debian section. I'm sure there are capable people in there that can quickly help you. You still need wine installed.

    You could also Google for apt repositories for your version of Debian. The version is important, as they need to be compiled for your specific version.

    It does seem to be able to install ndiswrapper, try it with the wildcard. I think you should be root when you install apps.
    # apt-get install ndiswrapper*
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    I found an entry for your wireless on the NDISwrapper wiki/list of supported cards. It is #31 in the list.

    If you ever get NDISwrapper installed, and the drivers unpacked, you need to do as it says.
    • Driver: Install with bcmrndis.inf.
    • However, this doesn’t copy rndismpk.sys and usb8023k.sys files as needed, so copy these .sys files in lower case by hand so that after that there are following files in /etc/ndiswrapper/bcmrndis:
    • 050D:7051.F.conf, 1799:7051.F.conf, bcmrndis.inf, rndismpk.sys, usb8023k.sys .
    • Note that with 2.6.16 and later kernels, udev needs to be configured for this rndis device: See entry for USR5421 below for details.
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    Ok im going to try ubunutu now, because ive been advised too and most people use that! So i copy the 2 .sys files to my driver installation folder that i made in the home folder?

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    I don't know who advised you, but I would have recommended Suse or Fedora. Ububtu is Debian based, but it doesn't have a root account. I found this to be annoying, as you are constantly entering the root password to do anything.

    You really don't need a different distro, you just need to set up apt to use additional repositories. You will have to do that no matter which distro you have installed.

    I actually use the Smart Package Manager on my Suse, Fedora and CentOS systems. I use apt or yum to install Smart, and then I have to set it up with additional repositories.

    Repositories are very distro specific. You need the distro type and version, and the processor type. Google for repositories using the distro type and version, there should be a how-to out there somewhere. I can help you if you give me the specific distro info.
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