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    Linux and windows networking question

    Searching around the net this morning I found this knowlegable site and hope someone may be able to offer some advice.

    I have a TM-9100 sat receiver that runs on linux and I want to connect it into my windows wireless network via a Belkin Wireless G Gaming Adapter F5D7330UK, my router is a Linksys WAG300N with 3 laptops connected via wireless. The IP of the router is, the laptops are set at, and

    The Gaming adaptor has a 'out of the box IP'

    I previously had my TM-9100 connected via a crossover cable direct to laptop with IP and it connected to the internet no problem.

    Now my dilema, I want to connect the gaming adaptor to my TM-9100 with a short cable, but, when I was trying it out last night I could only connect to either the router or the adaptor, but not both together.

    I did try changing the ip address of the adaptor and TM-9100 but it didn't work, at least I couldn't get it to work.

    Does the adaptor need to be a different IP to the TM-9100 or the same? I tried both and I couldn't get either one working. I set the IP on my TM-9100 to (for ease of remembering) but have since changed it to various address's without success.

    For obvious reasons I want to keep the IP of my router and laptops as they are now, so does anyone know what I should set the TM-9100 and gaming adaptor IP's to?

    This is what I have at the moment and can't get it to work

    TM-9100 (Linux)
    IP :
    Netmask :
    Gateway :
    DNS :

    Belkin Gaming adapter
    IP :
    Netmask :
    Gateway :
    DNS :

    First Laptop (Win XP)
    IP :
    Netmask :
    Gateway :

    Second Laptop (Win XP)
    IP :
    Netmask :
    Gateway :

    Third Laptop (Win XP)
    IP :
    Netmask :
    Gateway :

    Linksys Router
    IP :

    Thanks in advance for any help/ advice and please accept my apologies if I have posted in the wrong section.

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    Check to ensure forwarding is turned ON on the linux box.
    Forwarding is by default turned off on linux for security reasons.


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    thanks for that, I had already made sure that was done, it seems it may not be a windows or linux problem after all but a wireless one, if I connect the linux box via cable direct to the router it works fine, it's the wireless operation I am having the problem with.

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    Following extensive hair pulling and cursing, I can now confirm that if I connect everything up via cable (without using the adaptor in the set up) it all works as it should...

    When I introduce the wireless adaptor it does not...

    Nothing will talk to the adaptor wirelessly, the only way I can access the adaptor is when it is connected by cable.

    Thanks again

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    ok, following more testing, I can confirm everything works fine until I connect the adaptor to the 9100, when I plug in the lan cable, the lan light is lit and the light on the lan socket on the back of the 9100 lights too.

    Then, when I try to connect to it the wireless light goes red for a short period (according to the manual this is when it's searching for a unsecured network to conect to) then goes out.

    All I have then is the power and lan lights showing on the adaptor but cannot connect to it.

    If I connect the adaptor back to my laptop I can use it to access the internet and the rcomputers on my network, it's only when I plug the lan back into the 9100 I have problems, I have checked the settings again, tried cross over and straight cables (I have three of each, they can't all be faulty can they? they do all work when I use them from laptop to laptop or laptop ot router.

    To summerise, the adaptor works as it should when connected to a computer, when connected to the 9100 it does not, also I can still connect the laptop direct to the 9100 and that works fine too.

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