First off, I am using SUSE 10.3 with just basic install. I have a F5D7010 ver. 5000 Belkin Wireless PCMCIA card. I tried using ndiswrapper and I could get the card to detect, but it kept locking up at 28% of connecting etc. I would then have to restart the system. So I said the heck with that and tried MadWIFI. Well I have it working, I am posting this with the wireless card ATM. My problem is, I have no lights on the card. I can't tell when it is doing something. Is this normal for these cards? I know it has a Atheros chipset, but the MadWIFI site says it is compatible. The site says this: Chipset: AR5212 (802.11b/g) for my card, but the info on my card when I bring it up says this: AR2413. This info is different. So any ideas? Do I need to change drivers or should I just live with no lights?