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    Madwifi complicated

    I was reading what is involved with madwifi installation and I am lost. Is there any binaries of it? It is just confusion as all hell. I am a programmer, but because I am so new to Linux the process of recompiling the kernel leaves me dazed to say the least.

    Could someone compile it for me and give me instructions on how to intall it?

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    What distribution are you using?
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    Doesn't matter, the instructions are the same for all of them. You have to rebuild the kernel with the madWIFI source code. I just wish they had a binary version of it that didn't need to be compiled with the kernel, or at least a patched kernel for download. I hate how people release source and no binaries for so many programs. I love tinkering with source code, and I am a HUGE fan of opensource, but for a useful utility to only be released in source form, especially one that is so complicated to compile (almost requiring a degree in computer science!).

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    The reason I asked what distro is that some do have easier than the normal way to do it. You can rebuild the kernel, but you shouldn't have to. Sadly, it can't be included in the actual kernel because it does have unfree junk in it. Ubuntu should just work, Fedora you only have to install like two things. I have personal experience with Debian where you only need to issue one command and all the work is done without my work.
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    Well it would be nice if they put that on their website. Maybe it's there and I didn't see it. All I saw was this overly complicated process requiring a recompile of the Kernel.

    Also, you said that you don't have to compile with the Kernel on some distributions. If that is the case then it doesn't make sense for them not to provide a binary version for people that can use it in that form.

    Oh well...That's linux for ya.

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