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    ndiswrapper problem


    when i type in
    sudo ndiswrapper -i bcmwl5.inf
    it comes up
    error: no ndiswrapper utils found!
    what does this mean?

    any help would really be appreciated.


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    Hi - Im a linux newbie, but did you install ndiswrapper...try - very helpful

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    I'm not sure of you particular problem.

    But when I did it (a very long time ago) I very vividly remember that i HAD to compile ndiswrapper with the same compiler my kernel was compiled with. I tried EVERYTHING and it did not work until I did that. My suggestion to you is uninstall ndiswrapper and start from scratch. Then re-compile your kernel. Then compile and install ndiswrapper. After installing ndiswrapper restart your computer. Some people will argue that that's not necessary but for me it was - believe me i spent a very very long time trying to figure out how to get my wireless card to work. Some people will even argue that you don't need to compile ndiswrapper wilth the same compiler as the kernel was compiled with but those people may be wrong about your situation. It is very discretely documented that somewhere within ndiswrapper. If you have not built your kernel (i.e. you installed from a cd) this may affect you.

    Somewhere on this board a very long time ago I went step by step of how to install it. If you're up for a wild goose chase try searching for it.

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    When you install NDISwrapper, you also must install the NDISwrapper kernel module. In my case, with Suse 10.2, my kernel is this:

    I have this installed:

    ndiswrapper 1.25-27@i586

    ndiswrapper-kmp-default 1.25_2.6.18.2_34-27@i586

    You should get them both from the same place you got the kernel. Whether it is the installation DVD or a third party repository.
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    If you are using a Debian based distro you can edit the /etc/apt/sources.list and add deb stable main contrib non-free to install madwifi. then open a terminal and type sudo apt-get install madwifi source. Once the installation is finished go to your networking properties and check for your wireless in there and configure it.

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    Madwifi is different than NDISwrapper.

    The original question was about NDISwrapper, so let's not confuse the poster by sending him down the wrong path!
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    Assuming you're on Ubuntu because of sudo, see why it's important to say these type of things?

    For one, if you're on Ubuntu, DON'T add the Debian reps to your source list otherwise you'll end up switching to Debian and your computer will be like wtf?!?!

    Ndiswrapper for Ubuntu comes in 2 parts, the ndiswrapper-common part which you'll have and ndiswrapper-utils, check to make sure they're the correct version, I recommend you have a look through (Ubuntu -- Package Search Results) those are the 2 you'll need to install, just search ndiswrapper on Adept assuming you have internet access on the machine. Otherwise download the .deb files from the website.
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