i have a toshiba satellite m45 running ubuntu 7.10 and have scoured the web looking for a solution to the problem of detecting wireless access points but not being able to connect to any. wifiradar detects them, knetworkmanager, knemo... all those applications see the access points but can never connect even if the access point is not protected.
i have reinstalled 7.10 3 times now in hopes of resolving this issue, all to no resolve.
i tried removing all network devices in etc/network/interfaces except for lo, rebooted and that did not help. i disabled the wired lan and even tried installing several other wireless devices but i just can not connect to any access point.

in closing, there are several posts around the web with the same laptop model and same issue but never any solution. so, for the sake of the other users with this same issue as well as for myself, can someone please offer some assistance?

thanks so much!