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    Need help installing wg311

    I just got linux (ubuntu) installed on an old ibm desktop i had. A teacher at school told me linux was so great and it was faster and blah blah blah, i have linux now, no Xp, and i don't have any internet. The same teacher told me to buy a new wireless card which i did, wg311, but now i can't make anything work, i need help on like an infant level and it is pissing me off beyond any belief. i know i need ndiswrapper and wpa_supplicant but i have no idea how to install them, i have them both on a flash drive. Please someone help me! give me step by step instructions as if you were talking to someone that knows nothing about kernals or apt-get install. Please help! Right now the only thing i know to do is open up terminal. After that i'm completely lost

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    Welcome to the forums!

    I don't run Ubuntu, but check out this HowTo for steps on setting up your card. Hopefuly, that will get you up and running.

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    i'll try this guide later but any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated, i have real problems installing or basically doing anything with linux

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    some breakthrough, i was able to install ndiswrapper so i used the command sudo ndiswrapper -i mrv8335.inf and it said it installed
    so i checked with ndiswrapper -l and it said mrv8335: driver installed
    but it did not list any devices as present. so i hit ndiswrapper -a devid mrv8335 using the pci id i generated using lspci -n but it returned saying mrv8335 wasn't installed (properly)! what should i do from here?

    also i wan't to try again so how would i delete the drivers that are on ndiswrapper?

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    this can be deleted i got it up and running, posting from my new working comp thanks for the help

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